Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Gemini woman and Scorpio man can have opposite personalities. Gemini woman is fun loving and carefree while Scorpio man is practical and self oriented person. They will have to show extreme patience to adapt to each other’s qualities. They both are attracted to adventures.

Gemini woman: Gemini woman can portray several personalities at time. She is good in mimicking others and can also entertain people with her funny nature. She is friendly person and easily makes new friends. She likes partying and traveling around. She will also spend lot of money to have lavish lifestyle. She wants to enjoy every moment of her life. She doesn’t like to be controlled by others hence she prefers to have her independent life. This can be the same reason for not being in committed relationship. She is moody person and it becomes very difficult to predict her intentions. She can be romantic person but that side is limited to herself only.  


Scorpio Man: Scorpio man is strong, masculine and aggressive person. He is also hard working and intelligent person. He has tolerance to face any difficult situations. He doesn’t like to share his personal life with others thus he may look mysterious to many people. Women are easily attracted to such secretive nature of Scorpio man. He has passion for all the things including love and romance. He will look for committed relationship. He can be selfish person sometimes and would try to dominate others. He values his lover if he gets the same respect from her.

Gemini woman and Scorpio man relationship: Gemini woman and Scorpio man can have quick attraction due to their entirely different personalities. Scorpio man gets attracted to cheerful and elegant nature of Gemini woman. This attraction remains until Scorpio man fully understands nature of Gemini woman. He tends to envy Gemini woman for her friendly nature. Gemini woman will also find him demanding and controlling which can be irritating for her. She will have to understand that this is the protective nature of Scorpio man. Scorpio man will need to give some time to Gemini woman to express her feelings.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Gemini woman falls for Scorpio man at first sight. She is attracted to his strong personality. She can’t find any way to change his mind and this impresses her even more. Scorpio man can tolerate Gemini woman’s outgoing and over friendly nature. He also let her investigate his life up to some extent but when he will feel that she is crossing her lines, he will stop her immediately. He will have to understand that she is attracted to his mysterious personality. As Gemini man and Scorpio woman spend some time with one another they tend to find more interesting facts about each other. Gemini woman can find her emotional side while Scorpio man can find loving partner.

Gemini woman can help Scorpio man to be relaxed and enjoy his life while Scorpio man can teach her to be more practical. They share romantic relationship and heavenly pleasure. Gemini woman and Scorpio man relationship suffers from many obstacles. Gemini woman can’t hold on to stable Scorpio man while Scorpio man feels disturbed by continuously moving Gemini woman. She changes her mind in every minute but Scorpio man hold on to his thoughts. She may try to sneak inside private life of Scorpio man which can make him angry. Though she wants to have her freedom she should be ready to reach towards him when he needs her. Gemini woman and Scorpio man can have lifelong relationship if they can manage to keep their initial spark to the end. [For personalized and accurate prediction, Click here to get astrology compatibility report]


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