Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Gemini man and Scorpio woman find each other interesting people. There is a strong magnetism between them but their differences can surface later and make their relationship difficult. Gemini man: Gemini man is intelligent but tricky person. His frequent mood swings make him mysterious person. He likes to socialize and make new friends. He is gentle and lovely person but he doesn’t want to be in relationship. He loves his freedom so that he can do anything he wants and meet any people he wants. He will feel trapped in relationship. He likes traveling and partying. He meets new people so that he can make his life interesting. He would like to learn about different human natures he comes around. He is also good in reading thoughts of people.


Scorpio woman: Scorpio woman is ambitious, intelligent and hard working lady. She doesn’t reveal her identity easily thus she attracts people to her. She has ability to withstand any problems with great amount of patience. She has calm nature but if anyone makes her angry she can be very cruel person. Revenge and jealousy are natural to her. Scorpio woman is passionate lover and she can become protective partner for any person. Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Gemini man is not the one to stay in committed relationship but mysterious nature of Scorpio woman can generate enough interest for Gemini man. Scorpio woman is intense lover and show would want to have intimate relationship with Gemini man. She can easily lure him with her exotic body and passionate desires. When Scorpio woman shows such interest in Gemini man he also tries to understand her hidden qualities. It will not be easy for him to find her true identity as she the best at tricking people. Gemini man may also get bored after not getting any clues to interpret her personality. She will need to make things little easy for him.

 Gemini man and Scorpio woman relationship: Gemini man brings excitement and innocence in their relationship. Scorpio woman can easily get attracted to such a person. She tries to read his mind and finds many interesting thoughts. It will be delight for Scorpio woman to have such imaginative person as lover. Gemini man should understand that he can’t just take this relationship lightly. Scorpio woman will try to make this relationship last long. Gemini man respects Scorpio woman for her steady and confident nature. He shows his emotions and loving side to Scorpio woman. Scorpio woman feels happy being with him but his tendency to keep secrets can hurt her deeply. As their love grows deeper Gemini man and Scorpio woman tend to see the world from each other’s view.

They can find their own hidden qualities and also make other one realize his. Gemini man can cope up with intense nature of Scorpio woman awhile she learns to appreciate his friendly and outgoing nature. Gemini man and Scorpio woman relationship can have issues related to their commitment. Gemini man tends to spend his time away from Scorpio woman while Scorpio woman can become more jealous due to such detached nature of him. Gemini man usually fails to understand Scorpio woman’s need to maintain closeness. This can make Scorpio woman furious over Gemini man. Scorpio woman likes to keep some things secret from others and analytical nature of Gemini man can annoy her. Gemini man and Scorpio woman will have to maintain some space between them to have peaceful relationship. Click for Astrology Compatibility Report 



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