Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility are two completely different personalities due to which they can have very exciting initial attraction towards each other. Gemini people are fun loving and enthusiastic in nature while Scorpio people are passionate but serious in nature. As their relationship moves forward they may see differences in each other and this relationship can become dull.


Gemini: Gemini people are talkative and very friendly in nature. They are intelligent too but lack ability to take firm decision. They like adventurous life and doing same things repeatedly bore them. Thus they are always looking for constant change. They also don’t want to miss anything thus they are always wandering around. They have good sense of humor with which they can keep their audiences entertained. They also have manipulating abilities to control the mind of people. They can adjust well with anybody but if they have to convince then they can also use their manipulating skills. They are free willed people and generally don’t wish to be in committed relationship.

Scorpio: Scorpio people are known for their strong will power, hard work and passion for everything they do. They can have stubborn and short tempered nature. They maintain their space between them and other people thus they also look secretive. They like to have power and authority; they can be dominating on others. They also have sharp analytical mind which can make good and firm decisions. They have ability to read people. They generally do not show trust and emotions to people. These virtues are strictly reserved for their family and loved ones. They can become very kind and protective partner in love.

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility have many differences; Gemini people will always try to have new things around them which can be their work place, lover, thought, friends etc. Scorpio people are far more traditional then Gemini can even think of. Scorpio people seldom change their mind. They are also cautious while making any friend or taking any decisions. Scorpio people would stick to the activity until they complete with proper results while Gemini people would leave that work even in worse condition if they see it boring or difficult to deal with. When a wandering Gemini comes across the mysterious Scorpio they stop to reveal the real personality of Scorpio and get attracted to them. Scorpio people don’t give any hint to them and make them try to work harder. Scorpio people can easily draw attention of people and Gemini is always one of them. They will have to show sincerity to win Scorpio’s trust. Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility both can have successful love relationship if Gemini can show loyalty to Scorpio people.

Gemini and Scorpio relationship: There are many problems in this relationship. Gemini people have flirtatious nature which is just not tolerable by Scorpio people. Scorpio people are loyal to their partner. Gemini people get bored of traditional nature of Scorpio while Scorpio people thinks Gemini as fickle minded people. Scorpio people can have initial confusion and discomfort but they also have ability to get rid of them easily. Scorpio people can become over protective towards friendly Gemini while Gemini people dislike being controlled by Scorpio. Gemini people fail to read Scorpio person but Scorpio people can easily read the thoughts of Gemini. This can also create the feeling of jealousy between them. Gemini and Scorpio relationship is always confusing and mysterious as Gemini people are never predictable while Scorpio people have ability hide their intentions. Scorpio also becomes dominating on Gemini people which can make Gemini people run away from Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility. This relationship needs external forces like friends or family members to stay together. Summary:

  1. Gemini people need to controlled their unstable and change seeking habits.
  2. Scorpio people should wait and try to change Gemini people.
  3. Gemini people should also show maturity and understanding if Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility want to be in relationship with Scorpio people. Their loyalty will be tested by Scorpio people.
  4. Gemini people should show stability and consistency in their life.
  5. According to the nature of Gemini partner Scorpio people should show some flexibility.
  6. Suspecting Gemini just for their friendly nature is not good thing for Scorpio.
  7. Scorpio people should learn to trust people and share things with Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility.



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